Build Faster With Pangere and Metal Building Systems

The Pangere team offers complete turnkey solutions

We have been furnishing and assembling Manufactured Metal Building Systems for over 30 years. For the last two years, a Fortune 500 company ranked Pangere in the 95th percentile among all regional contractors for overall performance.

Trained and experienced for the installation of standing seam roof systems with project managers that have a combined average of 22 years in the construction industry and our field supervisors have a combined average of 23 years.


Reduced construction time

Lower material costs

Fast design

Versatile end uses

Low maintenance

Quick permitting

Single source responsibility

Flexible building design












We utilize BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology & leading-edge software that creates 3D models of a buildings physical and functional characteristics.  This enables you to visualize a project while still in the design phase.

Pangere earned the Excellence Award for Safety from the Northwest Indiana Business Roundtable (NWIBRT) for an exemplary safety record of zero injuries over the past three years. We offer multi-year guarantees on engineered systems. By self-performing our work, we can control safety, productivity, and quality on your project.

Advantages of Metal Building Systems

1.  Metal building systems take less time to design and construct, and as a result  quicker building occupancy is achieved.
2.  Cost efficiency is a second advantage.  With a metal building system, well-fitting pre-engineered components are assembled more quickly.  Metal building systems are 10 to 20 percent less expensive than conventional ones.
3.  Flexibility of expansion is a third advantage.  Metal buildings are relatively easy to expand by installing an additional clear-spanning frame in its place. 
4.  Low maintenance is a fourth advantage.  A typical metal building system, with pre-finished metal panels and a standing-seam roof, is easy to maintain and the modern metal finishes offer a superb resistance against corrosion, fading, and discoloration.
5.  Single-source responsibility is a fifth advantage.  With single source responsibility, just one entity has complete accountability for the quality of every project element.  
The Pangere Corporation builds trusted relationships with its customers to achieve their goals and benefits.  Working together you will experience how our services, safety culture, and responsiveness make your project a success.