Located in the heart of the industrialized Midwest, The Pangere Corporation continuously strives to provide top-notch services within a rapidly changing industrial market.  Serving customers in areas such as steel, oil and gas, water treatment, manufacturing, and logistics markets has given us insurmountable experience to ensure quality work done safely within what are typically demanding schedules.

The Pangere Corporation's greatest accomplishment is our safety record and our determination to ensure a safe environment in areas that carry great risk with no room for error.  In addition to our safety program, we remain innovative in achieving well-organized maintenance services and the ability to provide stellar emergency response solutions.

Whether it's new construction, routine maintenance, or emergency service work, The Pangere Corporation is dedicated to fulfilling our customers' objectives with the highest level of satisfaction

Specialty Markets Include:

  • Steel mills

  • Refineries

  • Power plants

  • Manufacturing

  • Water treatment plants

  • Distribution facilities

Highlighted Projects:

ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Girder Replacement Project

ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Girder Replacement Project

ArcelorMittal East 504 Boiler Enclosure

ArcelorMittal East 504 Boiler Enclosure