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Healthcare Construction

The Pangere Corporation is highly specialized in the field of hospital and medical facility construction and was named as one of only four preferred construction vendors by major healthcare providers.

All Pangere employees working on healthcare sites are certified in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) best practices, minimizing risk to patients and staff and helping to save lives. Construction ICRA (infection control, risk assessment) is an advanced training program for builders that work in medical facilities. Workers who pursue ICRA certification learn how to help prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus, mold, and infection.

Patient safety is a priority for ICRA-trained construction workers, and they integrate into a team that includes infection prevention officers, healthcare administrators, physicians, nursing staff, food preparers, and facility management.

Pangere was awarded Commercial Project of the Year for 2017 for the St. Catherine Hospital ICU renovation by the Northwest Indiana Construction Advancement Foundation. This award is based on criteria which reflects the contractor's ability to deliver a quality project to the owner, with minimal disruption to the owner's operation while upholding the highest commitment to safety.